Sometimes when driving along the Interstate things go by and you never know they even exist. That is certainly true if you travel I40 east of Santa Rosa in New Mexico. Just to the south of the Interstate lies one of those hidden gems. It is of course Bull Canyon Ranch.

12000 acres of magnificent canyon scenery that will only reveal itself to those who seek it out. This is a private ranch made up of multiple owners who each own one or more of the 140 acre parcels that were carved out from the canyon in 2005.

This is truly where the State took the title "Land of Enchantment". This little piece of America is where God took a little more time than usual in its creation..... he must have thought his work was special too. He blessed the canyon with a huge diversity of flora and fauna. Everything from beautiful and rare orchids to the pure majesty that is the mountain lion.

Nowadays the Native Americans who once lived in the canyon have moved on but they left reminders of their thousand year stay in the petroglyphs which adorn some of the canyons secret places and in the artifacts which even today are found by those who walk their land.

Welcome to Bull Canyon Ranches... we simply call it paradise!

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Bull Canyon Ranches

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